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    Hi there

    Does somebody know how the leaderboards work for "normal" FM Games ?! I'm in my third season with the Rangers, and when i browse the leaderboards and press the button "show yourself" i don't get any result, no matter in what tab or section.

    Thanks for any hints & greetings from Switzerland


  2. Addition: It seems leaderboards are only activated if you don't use any DB Changes (like competition names fix).

  3. Any further information on Leaderboards?

    For instance, it's now 2019 and I've been with Rangers the whole time. Looking at the leaderboards and comparing with my friends, overall for "all-time" I sit about 12th/13th on 2m odd score, yet for a single season I've racked up 6m+ points... how can that be?

  4. lucky you mate my newcastle save doesnt even show and im not using any edit files i dont get it but my fmc game shows

  5. sorry mate just annoyed at mo with this

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