1. facepack?

    how do i download the facepack frrom sortitout
    the first 4 links work rest dont

    then i go to download torrent but nothing happens?

    comes up like that what do i do then?

  2. I'm not sure you should be asking that question here but I'll answer nonetheless.

    The file you are downloading is a link to a torrent. This means that you need a torrent client already installed on your computer to download the file. Download and install uTorrent and when you try to download the facepack again it should automatically open with uTorrent and the download will begin.

    ĀµTorrent - a (very) tiny BitTorrent client

  3. it not downloading there is no facepacks on here that ifound is therE?

  4. Have you downloaded and installed the link I provided in my previous post?

    Is the image you linked in your opening post still appearing?

    If it is then then click 'Browse' and find the uTorrent program and it should start your download.

  5. no it is downloading on utorrent, but it taking forever it on 0.3%??


  6. Welcome to the world of torrents!

    It could be because you have slow internet or there just aren't enough seeders. Click on the torrent and then click the 'Info' tab at the bottom and see how many seeds and peers there are.

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