talking to players?

  1. talking to players?

    how do i talk to my players to advise them like not to shoot on distance etc like on fm 12.
    with my strikers i told them to try shoot into corner of net how do i do that i cant seem to do it on fm 12.

  2. Arsenal Rotation
    I presume you're talking about FM13?

    If so, on your touchline instructions you can always just tell your team to 'Work the ball in to box'. They will work more like Arsenal or Barcelona, and rarely shoot from far out.

  3. yeah on fm 13. but on fm 12 you could talk to them, and get them to train to like shoot from far out etc.
    but on this one there is no option to do it :/

  4. #4
    its under the training option (this is on full game, i dont play classic)

    go on player profile,
    click drop down box for training
    should be there, "teach move via suchabody"

    not sure teh exact words but its along those lines ?

    hope i helped

  5. ah i found it, "new preffered move" great thanks alot brad

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