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Rubbish defending has made the game unplayable
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  1. Rubbish defending has made the game unplayable

    I've been playing fm/cm for 10 years and each year I've become more addicted than the last. I am, however, thoroughly disappointed with this edition. I am playing as Arsenal and after 6 games I have conceded 15 goals. I'm lying in 15th place, out of the Capital One Cup and virtually out of the Champions League. Now, I know Arsenal aren't the best defensively - but they're not THAT bad.
    I am finding that my players simply do not mark, be it from set-pieces or from crosses that are all too easily whipped in. My goalkeeper's positioning is also atrocious, leaving all kinds of room at his near post. Not only that, he spills EVERYTHING - I haven't seen him hold onto anything.
    Couple that with my team being dominated possession-wise every game and my team 'looking stressed' or 'switching off' after every team talk and this game is unplayable at the moment -let's hope we get some updates soon.
    I just wanted to check whether anyone else was having these problems.

  2. Yep, those are currently known problems, so they should be fixed in the next update.

  3. Im having the exact same problem on my Arsenal season. its unplayable. unrealistic. lots of people are having the same problems. I understand they tried to make the game more challenging but they have had a nightmare. like you said, lets hope there are some updates sharpish. Im heading back to FM12.

  4. its beyond a joke they have had a year to get this game right and yet the same as last year we have to have patches to sort it out you dont have to download patches for fifa or any other game to have it play right and fifa change there match engine every year come on si sort yourselves out back to fm12 it is for me aswell

  5. by unrealistic , you mean more then.... 9 goals in 5 games?
    Sb 20/10/12 PRL Norwich 1 - 0 Arsenal
    Mi 24/10/12 LCU Arsenal 0 - 2 Schalke 04
    Sb 27/10/12 PRL Arsenal 1 - 0 Queens Park Rangers
    Ma 30/10/12 CUL Reading 5 - 7 G Arsenal
    Sb 03/11/12 PRL Manchester Utd 2 - 1 Arsenal

  6. it is indeed very unrealistic, im just waiting for a patch, not playing atm... I like to make tactics to concede very less goals a season, and that is impossible atm

  7. I get you point but what you didnt include is the their 7 previous fixtures...

    Liverpool 0 - 2 Arsenal
    Arsenal 6 - 1 Saints
    Montpellier 1 - 2 Arsenal
    Man city 1 - 1 Arsenal
    Arsenal 6 - 1 Coventry
    Arsenal 1 - 2 Chelsea
    Arseanl 3 - 1 Olympiacos

    By unrealistic i mean losing 3-0 at home against southampton and wigan with both teams creating 20+ chances.

  8. yeah the game is a joke, a pile of shite to be precise

  9. Not buying this I'm afraid. In season 5 with Newcastle. Even though my attack is anaemic, I'm consistently in the top 5 defences with regards to goals conceded.

    The one thing that puzzles me though is how Giroud is a total beast.

  10. How wrong we were daring to have critique during beta.

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