Application Error

  1. Application Error

    Hi all,

    Just wandered if anyone else is getting the same error as me. During gameplay, it crashes and I get the message:

    'Application Error'
    A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in.....' and then the usual crash dump message.

    I have tried deleting the settings file and also verifying integrity of cache files and I have also completed a full uninstall and then reinstalling again. I used to get XML parsing errors with FM12 but would do the above and it would be fine again, but every time I play FM13 it is crashing and it is often at different stages.

    My Asus laptop has AMD A4 1.9ghz processor with 6 gig of ram so by no means the worst laptop I have ever played teh game on! I tested the Ram with Memtest this morning and there is no errors with it. I have also cleaned the fans so I dont think it is dust either and I dont use BitDefender.

    Anyone got any ideas of what I can try? I have googled the problem but not many people seem to have had the problem consistently. I clocked up 612 hours of FM11 and 619 hours of FM 12 so I am desperate to play this game but to no avail so far!

    Many thanks in advance for any ideas!

  2. same problem... crashed twice in 2 hours....

  3. I just started my first game FM13, it's currently 27th of June and I can't continue 'cause I always get this same error when I click continue. No clue what to do, gonna try starting a new game I guess.

  4. Same problem here!!!

    I start the game and 4 days later on game it crashes.

    Tried different instalations and no result, always the same problem.

    I delete the game and stop trying, i really really love this game but it seams i wont be able to play fm13

  5. Some problem, too.. Please help..Anyone?

  6. Yea I have the same problem, I can't get passed a certain day without it crashing, haven't even reached January yet.. Someone help!

    Also i've checked out the Crash dumps, failed to set up graphics, XML errors and other problems thread but it doesn't fix it for me..

  7. the exact same thing is happening to me if anyone knows how to fix it, please help us

  8. I figured out a work-around:

    Try to figure out which day it was when the game crashes, save before this day just in case. after this, go on holiday for 3 days or something like that and it should work, just worked for me.

    For me it was the 24th of june, on the 23rd I saved and went on holiday for 3 days and now I came back on the 26th and everything works!

  9. Bump, I keep getting this problem which occurs about once every 5 games, its straight after I submit my team, has anyone got a solution?

  10. i have this f**ng problem... i am 20 of June 2018 and ......F***ng crash... again and again and again!

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