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I think there is a glitch in the game....

  1. I think there is a glitch in the game....

    I am currently playing as Wolves, i started the season 15 wins 2 decisions and 1 loss. After beating Man united in the Capitol one cup i have lost 5 straight and one decision which was a goal i scored in the 89th minute to tie, my team before the Man united game had scored 44 goals and allowed 9. After the man united game i have only scored 47 goals and allowed 17 in.

    So in the space of 6 games i have scored 3 and allowed 8 in. I have three maxed tactics i use and its not because im not switching my play style, I've reloaded a save to try again and still lose all of these games.

    I was 14 points clear of the second place team in the championship, in those six games i lost i played, Millwall 23rd, Leeds 18th, Crystal Palace 16th, Leicaster 23rd, Bristol City 14th, and Middlesborough 24th. Now please tell me how it is possible to go on a 6 game losing streak when your team had only allowed 9 goals in 18 games and scored 44.

    As this is my 5th save I've tried, I finally thought i had a good couple of tactics down for the new ME, obviously I don't , but im going to play this season out and see what happens. If I cant turn this around I will be loading up FM 12 and playing that game, because from what I've seen/experienced so far, FM 12 was a better complete game.

    Rant over

  2. DanWalsallFC
    Walsall First Team
    So you're saying that you will be going back to FM12 if you can't get out of a losing streak.......?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by DanWalsallFC View Post
    So you're saying that you will be going back to FM12 if you can't get out of a losing streak.......?
    He is saying he will be going back to 12 until they fix a lot of these serious problems that are ruining the game-play experience for a lot of us at the moment. Don't blame him, I can't enjoy the game until most of these are patched up, so far they have done a good job of correcting issues but there are still more that need fine tuning for sure. The defense+GK's are pretty frightening at times to say the least, watching a winger dribble down a flank and basically just dribble it into the back of the net because of bad tackling/GK can't defend near post is very frustrating.

  4. What i don't understand is my tactics PRE Man UTD had won be 15 or so games with one decision and 2 losses i think, post Man Utd I am now on a 8 game losing streak, I've lost to every team 16-23rd in that streak. This is rediculous, a couple losses i can understand but losing each one of those by 2 or 3 goals to nil or one is retarted. I'm not a bad manager obviously I can beat united, with a under 23yr old half regen team in the championship league.

    This is just a big let down, this game is way far from being playable and i'm dissapointed in SI for releasing it with so many well known bugs.

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