struggling to score with strikers
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  1. struggling to score with strikers

    I'm playing with United in a 4-2-3-1 formation, And Rooney, RVP and hernandez are all struggling. Rooney 6 goals in 18, RVP 9 goals in 16, Hernandez 4 goals in 12. Any tips on how to get them scoring?

  2. Strikers don't score in FM 13, only midfielders do. Or defenders.

  3. its relatively normal for rooney and hernandez to cap out at 16-20 goals tops a season despite playing all matches more or less
    Strikers are abit less unrealistic in 2013 as i have notet.

    Tried lending Craig Sutherland (npower player) down to histon, even so he isnt scoring that often
    Guess the name of the game is more based of overal team meld than solo players for now at least

  4. Sigporsson scored 23 goals in 25 league games and 29 in 33 overall for me in my Ajax save.

  5. Djibril Cisse scored 28 goals in the Premier League alone for me on my QPR save

  6. Kinda having the same problems too, not sure if its my tactics (more than likely) but I do play relatively agressively. But I have only scored 12 in 11 games so far and strikers have 3 between them in League 2.

  7. Pato has scored one goal (penalty) in 13 games, the game is far too hard. I had him score 40 odd goals in FM12, my only goals come from midfield.

  8. I picked Cordoba have four strikers of similar level none scored consistently I just played 1 up top and rotated each striker they all ended up with about 7/9 goals each in 20 apps incl. subs...

  9. I found they had a big rush of goals at the start of the season, then dried up, going 10 games without scoring - I guess rotation is encouraged in this version? Not sure what else you can do.

  10. I can either score goals and concede, or not score and concede less, but not both. I did a test and in the editor placed Bayern in the Scottish third division. We dominated possession, but all the goals came from midfield. Mandzukic and Gomez managed six goals between them in eighteen games, and two of them were a league cup game against Motherwell. There were still the silly errors like the long cross pass not being challenged by the centrebacks leading to the opposition striker getting their one goal. I'm trying all kinds of things, but it's looking like there's a certain tactic that works in any given situation, and everything else means you'll just have to muddle along. It's all very disappointing.

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