How can I create "reserve squad"

  1. How can I create "reserve squad"

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone around here knows if there is any way to create a "reserve squad" for the team you're managing, if you don't have one already that is.
    My team only got the "Senior Squad" one and the "U19 Squad" and I could really use that "Reserve squad" which I don't have ... I didn't seen anywhere an option to create a reserve team or B team ... Is it possible ? Or I just have to go on just with main and u19 teams ....

    Thanks in advance.

  2. What team are you?

  3. My team is Steaua Bucharest.

  4. I'm not sure but maybe you will have the choice of having a reserve team play in the reserve league at the start of the next season. But apart from that I dont know any way to create a reserve squad.

    You could just arrange friendlies for your first team and then play "reserve" players.

  5. DaSiimM's Avatar DaSiimM
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    Yeah, like @ref end said, I think that with Steaua and their league, you'll get the option of starting a reserve or a 2nd team to play in the lower divisions at the start of next season. But if not, then I'm almost certain that there's no other way to create any kind of reserve team. Sounds like a bug of some kind.

    But, if you're not to far in with your game, you can just go to the editor and create a reserve team for them, and then start a new save. But try and give it 'till next season, and see if you'll maybe get the option to create a reserve squad by your board.

  6. Or just click on the grey players in the reserve squad to activate them by means of offering a contract?

  7. Thanks a lot for the answers. I'll see on the next season if I will get any option to start a reserve squad. I wont use the editor ... not really its fan

  8. So... it seems that's no option to make a reserve squad, not even at the start of a new season

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