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Ridiculous Player Prices?
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  1. Ridiculous Player Prices?

    Why are the players so expensive?! I was looking for strikers for Tottenham and I was struggling to find someone half decent that didn't cost the earth!

  2. you have seen how much players are going for these days IRL?

  3. Ridiculous Player Prices?-wtf.pngLOL

    But yeah in all seriousness some players prices are inflated
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  4. Think that must be a bug lol or inflation....

  5. that is a bug its not 200 M / there been some complaints about it.

  6. I have noticed when players are on the transfer list they are not on for there value or less but 5 or 6 million more makes it had when u have a small budget

  7. Yeah it's a bit ridiculous. Or I get a lot of "unlikely to want to sell the player" in scout reports. Normally when you see that your talking triple the players value to sign him.

    Only player I found with good value was Wellington nem for 9 mil to my arsenal team

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  8. that is more than a tad ridiculous, especially for Neill at that stage of his career nevermind when he was actually good! Ive seen a few bad prices but I suppose it does reflect the real world in ways. I do think though that they should try to make clubs more willing to sell when you offer a good bit above their value.

  9. £200M for a 35-year-old centre back seems like a fair deal Sam !

    But I suppose it is just like real life, if you want good players, especially strikers, you really do need to spend a lot. Example £9M for Steven Fletcher

  10. any news going about them fixing this? got quoted £88m upfront with 30% sell on and £7m after X amount of appreances for yann m'villa last night for spurs. its crazy! cant get hold of any half decent players because they want so much.

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