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Staff search, reputation column

  1. Staff search, reputation column

    Hi, im searching for new staff and i tend to go on reputation, however the 'reputation' column/tab seems to be missing, anyone know how to get it back??


  2. It could be that 'viewing by' something different. Just above the list of names there should be a drop down where you can change the different things you can view about that list. Would do screenshot but at work!
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  3. Cheers mate, ive tried everything but cant seem to find reputation...

  4. someone has got to know??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hazza74 View Post
    someone has got to know??
    right click on name or job for example along the top and then just select the attribute you want displayed

    to reset top default do this:

    Staff search, reputation column-2012-11-06_00001.jpg

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