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Crash Dump and more crash dumps

  1. Crash Dump and more crash dumps

    I remember day same as today whole 1 year ago.
    New FM13 and same problem from FM12.
    Again and again same crash dump that i can't solve. In old 2012 turning off 3d match solved the prob but in this one hell no.
    Any1 with some kind of help for me this time??
    Here is the crash dump:
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  2. i have the same problem! Crash dump when "Setting up league and cup competitions" I can start the game with 2 nations, even 5 nations, but when I want for example 15 nations, its problem. I am spending whole afternoon trying to figure out how many nations my laptop can handle. It is annoying :|

  3. I've not the best but not that bad configuration. Dual Core 2.6x2 (5.2ghz), 4gb ram, nV gtx460 and XP sp3 and with all that my PC is rated with half star in the game -.- annoying

  4. I have the same problem when someone fix this I will share you

  5. I have the same problem, I have a Phenom processor, a ATI HD 7550 and have five stars in performance, but i tried with 20, then 15 and then 10 nations, and i still get the crash.... Shame on Sports Interactive

  6. i read somewhere, if you choose certain nation like mexico or denmark your game will crash, don't know about other nation though

  7. there was no better feeling than loading all leagues from all nations and starting unemployed, so that could make jurney like in real life....but in fm13 there is no way couse database is limited to 100k players and stuff....
    And after that start is not possible with 15 or 10 nations, I got crash dumps when start even 1 nation and 1 league with database of 6k...that is so faking wrong couse there is new 3d engine that is shitty and game engine is weak as hell like in 2 last relesess...

  8. Had the same problem, loaded the Database without Mexico and it worked just fine... hopefully there will be a patch soon which will fix this

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  11. [QUOTE=Zebec;1623914Links removed[/QUOTE]

    I am pretty sure this is pirated mate?
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  12. and finaly i have fixed the problem just check the box to rum for windows XP service pack 3 and its done!

  13. pirated or not it works, just copy the old crack and check to SP3 and it willl work

    Silly Boy
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  14. Fuck now at the end of a new month it crashes!

  15. Ive been having same problems with leagues in particular Russian. Upsetting really wanted to start with a prospect of megabucks to buy the champions league

  16. thats deffo a pirated copy, BUY the full version it works just fine


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