Liga BBVA Transfer Budgets 13.1.1

  1. Liga BBVA Transfer Budgets 13.1.1

    Here are the starting transfer budget for the Spanish Liga BBVA clubs on the official version on Football Manager 13. The first number is the lowest amount of transfer money, and the other number is the highest.
    Leave a comment below if you want me to do this with another league!
    In this link you can find more transfer budgets: Transfer Budgets 13.1

    Atletico Madrid: £875k - £1,2m Wage: £875k p/w - £1m p/w

    Athletic Club: £17,5m - £24m Wage: £550k p/w - £650k p/w

    Barcelona: £4,34m Wage: £2,32m p/w

    Betis: £0 Wage: £240k p/w - £275k p/w

    Celta: £0 Wage: £240k p/w - £250k p/W

    Deportivo: £0 Wage: £205k p/w - £225k p/w

    Espanyol: £0 Wage: £375k p/w - £400k p/w

    Getafe: £0 Wage: £400k p/w - £450k p/w

    Granada: £0 Wage: £325k p/w - £375k p/w

    Levante: £0 Wage: £175k p/w - £200k p/w

    Malaga: £875k - £1,2m Wage: £625k p/w - £700k p/w

    Mallorca: £0 Wage: £275k p/w

    Osasuna: £0 Wage: £275k p/w - £300k p/w

    Real Madrid: £4,34m Wage: £2,15m p/w

    Real Sociedad: £0 Wage: £275k p/w

    Rayo: £0 Wage: £165k p/w - £180k p/w

    Sevilla: £875k - £1,2m Wage: £700k p/w - £775k p/w

    Valencia: £875k - £1m Wage: £825k p/w - £875k p/w

    Valladolid: £0 Wage: £135k p/w - £150k p/w

    Zaragoza: £0 Wage: £275k p/w - £300k p/w
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  2. You serious?

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    You serious?

  4. with barca and real madrid, around december, depending how you've done so far they give over 40m to spend, when i was barca and i was unbeaten till january, they gave me 70million to spend

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