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  1. Dortmund

    Hello people.

    Started the new FM13 with Borussia Dortmund as they have so much potential, only problem maybe is to hang on to some of the talents there as a few have a preferance to play in different leagues, Although if you could manage to hang on to them this team could go far as they have some exciting talents already there such as Gotze, Reus, Lewandowski, Hummels, Subotic, Perisic, Leitner, Gundogan & a good few others. I have just finished my first season and won the Bundesliga with 82 points beating the record for most points in the league. I played a 4-2-3-1 formation for most of the season with Lewandowski as target man leading the team. I managed to get the best out of Gotze & Reus Playing them as Inside forwards with perisic playing as AP. I like to play short quick football and i feel this team is suited for this but i need some help for the defensive mid positions, Sven Bender is great but is a bit injury prone in mine and Kehl is getting old so i could go with some decent younger prospects perhaps, i do play gundogan there but thats not his best position obv. i have 15mill to spend for the start of my second season and would like a youngish DM & a GK from that 15mill if possible as i find it hard to get players without having to pay rediculous amount of money.

    I would also like to know about anyone else who has went with this team and how they have got on with tactics/training/transfers etc.

    Can you make them the best team in europe?

    I will get some screenshots when i get in from work if anyone wants them.

    Many Thanks

  2. Get Lars Bender! The two Benders in CM would be awesome Also for a goalkeeper you could get Marc-Andre ter Stegen! Doubt you'll be able to get both of those for 15m though! Sounds like you're doing a good job though!
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  3. Good young goalkeepers with great potential: M.Kovak, A.Ahamada, L.Branescu, A.Areola and T.Horn. As for defensive midfielders: A.Hoffman, S.Mijailovic, E.Cirigliano, E.Badu and A.Acquah... all of which are available for reasonable prices!! Enjoy scouting!!

  4. thanks guys, i got marc-andre ter stegen last night as weidenfeller got injured (not sure how to spell that) going to check out some of the DM jrsadler suggested as lars bender is going to be a struggle to get since my budjet went on ter Stegen :/ i totally agree that lars bender and sven bender would beast the midfield if they were together, maybe a future transfer i may get who knows, ill keep posting, thanks for the advice though

  5. can u post a tactics ? or screens of tactics and what shout u use ) or upload tactics for dm in bvb i buy radosevic from hajduk..
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  6. i will do when i get home then mate, 4-2-3-1 LB set as full back (defend) with RB set as wing back (attack) left side DM (anchor man) right side (DLP) for left & right (AM) i put as indisde forwards and through the middle i have it set at (AP) with roam from position on, and for (ST) i have it set as target man, as for team instructions its all very quick and short as the dortmund squad have really good passers of the ball, i will get some uploads tonight though hopefully

    i had a look at him but i manages to get rasmus elm the sweedish guy for 7mill so ill use him as my (DLP) and push gundogan up to one of the 3 (AM)

    ill also get uploads of transfers and outgoing etc.

    half way through 2nd season and 9pts clear, cant seem to get past group stages in champ league yet though, maybe have to find a different approach for europe, in the europa league now though so hopefully i can go on a good run in that.

    as for shouts at the start of the match i use aggressive tone telling them to win (no matter who we are playing) at half time full time if winning then its passionate tone and if not aggressive again!
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  7. Ok ..upload tactics and some screens i play with BVB tooo i love team ...have been in match this year in signal iduna park aggainst werder bremen first bundes liga matche this year it was fantastic

  8. ok mate will do, you having any success with them in FM13? id love to go to a game, work too much though lol, also im a glasgow rangers season ticket holder so im either at ibrox or work

  9. not yet already start season no time to play more

  10. 4 games in bundesliga 4 win =)

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