formation help.

  1. formation help.

    i'm currently managing leeds united, and struggling tried different formations tactic's non seem to be working, i just cant string a pass/score infront of goal.
    on the verge of being sacked, anyone any tips on what kind formation to be doing?

  2. people seem to be having trouble with the game with lower league teams, some suggest its a bug or something, i havent yet managed a lower league team yet as i like to get a good feel of the game with a average to top club for my first career then ill probs manage rangers lol

  3. I've run a game as Burton Albion for a while and you may as well take your nuts and slam them in a desk drawer for all the enjoyment you'll get from it. Some teams you can muddle through against, but too many League 2 teams seem to have signed the entire Barca 1st team squad given the crispness of the passing and quality of the shooting you have to deal with.

    I also placed Bayern in the Scottish 3rd division to test formations, and while we won most games, too often we won by 2-1 or 3-1. We were also in Europe through Germany, and we sailed through the CL, including a 6-0 beating of Feyenoord. I think playing any teams sees oppositions play at a level not based on the ratings of the players.

    Mind you, every thread I comment in sees Mike shut it down a day later.
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