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It's not that hard is it?

  1. It's not that hard is it?

    I've read a load of comments about how full of bugs the game is and some people not being able to win any games but I seriously think that all of this is just part of the difficulty level. I'm on my Newcastle save and have only conceded a single goal in the first 5 games and that was because Simpson didn't track the run of Giroud who ended up with a free header flying past Krul.

    I think the level of detail on player instructions and pre-match training is key to get results on this game. Gone are the days (thank god) where you could just buy 11 players and beat any team. It really does focus on the tactics and specifically the player instructions. For example, my FB's are exactly that, FB's. They don't go sprinting down the wing as they are set to defend and they are on zonal marking so that they don't go charging towards oncoming wingers. One of my CB's (Steven Taylor) is set to being limited defender with Fabricio Coloccini being played as a ball playing defender as this allows him to pick a pass out to the central midfield three of Tiote, Cabaye and Poli.

    Other than that, the attacking 3 (from BA, Cisse, Ben Arfa, Wellington Nem) are set to their most effective role, whether that be Inside Forward, Poacher etc. Obviously each one needs tweaking slightly to play to their strengths but by focusing on the training aspect of things I think people can really reap the benefit. I'm not saying all don't, but I reckon a lot of the moaning from people not winning games is due to a lack of focus on all aspect of the game. Much more difficult FM but by far the most realistic. Well done SI!
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  2. i agree with this
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    While I agree with you in general, Newcastle are over-rated on this game. So it's not too dissimiliar to saying 'cant believe you're all doing shit, Im playing with Man City and bought Neymar and I'm doing ok'

  4. after a few more games with Toon I'll try my hand with a different club, feel free to give a few options for half decent clubs but I reckon after a season or 2 you can get any team up to a competitive level.

  5. I've seen a few comments to say Newcastle are overrated, but on my save they're rubbish - 19th place after 23 games; Cabaye sold in January and now Cisse, Ba and Tiote away for ACN. They sacked Pardew and brought in Paul Jewell. Doesn't look good

    I can concur with the general comment though - using similar principles I've guided Liverpool to the top of the league and with the best defence.

  6. i think Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Cisse and Ba have very good attributes and probably have been over rated by SI. I mean other than Huntelaar, Cisse is the only striker on my save with 20 for finishing and i'm running 49 leagues across europe.

  7. I def think its harder and more realistic! I'm aldershot town in league 2 I finished 10 th in my first season(i usually go up 1st season on past games)and currently winning the league in my 2nd 10 games in, what I have noticed is a lot of signings in a short time do upset the rhythm of the team ( much like real life, qpr etc)

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