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Promoted, now battling relegation

  1. Promoted, now battling relegation

    got promoted with cardiff in 1st season, Currently in 2nd season in 19th position 2 months into the season.

    im using Kofloks Goals Galore tactic and its not as effective this season.

    Any advice on how i can prevent getting relegated

  2. change to 4-1-4-1 and play on the counter, did it with my Huddersfield town game, now in my 3rd season in the premiership and pushing for Europe!

  3. Apply for a new job!! only kidding. Do you only use goals galore or do you vary it up with other tactics because that may help

  4. i dont just use goals galore but it is the main tactic i use

  5. trying the 4-1-4-1 lost 4-0 to wolves and currently losing 5-0 to fulham..
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