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  1. Winless....

    I can't seem to win on 13 at all, started a game with Rotherham & lost to teams thats below blue square south and got walked over every game by them, started a game with Leicester & the same thing happened! Its beyond a joke :/, I can't seem to get in to this years game either.

    Any one got any ideas how i can actually win a game before my laptop goes out the window

    I tend to play a 4231 with wide wingers if that helps

    Cheers guys!

  2. I assume that you are losing while keeping most of the ball possession.
    I also assume that you are facing really deep defense lines, no through balls attempted, no ccc, no strikers get chances one on one with keeper.
    Well... i know what i would do.

    1. play with high defense line.
    2. play wide.
    3. play quick enough
    4. dont use attacking roles who look to drop into space and get through balls, cause there will be no through balls at all.
    5.dont use midfield roles who look to pass through balls for the same reason.
    Set a 4 - 4- 2.
    6. Use passing down both flanks.
    7. Use rb and lb roles who cross a lot.
    8. use mr and ml roles who cross a lot.
    7. use to box to box midfielders or at list one of them. The other let it be a simple cm.
    9. Use a target man and an complete forward.
    10. Use short passing
    11. Use press more.
    and.... shoot at the bastards. Load their box with crosses from 1 to 90 minute. The will eventually push up... or i hope so. Let me know
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  3. I've parked the bus using the AI own tactic against it super defensive and fast counter attacking 451 and it seems to be working

  4. Cheers for that pal, thats worked wonders , I can actually win games against poor teams lol. Still conceding silly goals but thats natural, I also tight mark,tackle hard and put most the opposition on to the opposite/weaker foot and that seems to help it along aswell as playing short or more direct passing

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