running very slow
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  1. running very slow

    Any 1 else find that this years version is very slow, fm 12 ran fine on my machine but my computer performence is at half a star and my game speed is at 3 stars it runs so slow that i might just go back to fm 12 it could be my graphics card. Any 1 else experiencing this if so do you know away to fix this??

  2. What part of it is running slow? Your graphics card should only really affect the 3D Match Engine. Everything else is related to the speed of your CPU.

  3. On the contrary, fm 13 runs much smoother for me than fm 12 did.

  4. all of it really but the actual games themselves are the worst part i think, i went into preferences and the 3d match engine was only at half a star would i b better changing this? and if i do will it just use the same engine as last year?

  5. My game is also on half a star pc speed all the time! And it's a brand new laptop :\

  6. same thing happens me. i use a laptop and the general screen to screen is slow and the matches take a very long time. i play online game with a friend of mine and i'm normally at about 30mins into my match when he has finished his. my game crashes quite alot too. try this but it didnt help me anyway.... Leaving Facebook... | Facebook

  7. i only have 512mb of ram is this the problem??

  8. Fm13 quicker than fm12 for me also

  9. I have updated my ram to a gig my coputer performance is at half a star although my game speed is four and a half stars wtf is goin on someone help??

  10. Mind is slow at processing matches when clicking 'continue'. My CPU running at 50-60% when game is stationary on main screen but then hits 100% once I click continue and it starts processing.

    I have just over 100 processes running on my computer according to task manager. Is that standard?


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