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Has anyone scored a direct free kick? Not seen 1
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  1. Has anyone scored a direct free kick? Not seen 1

    Been playing the demo and full version since they came out and have not seen 1 direct free kick scored, either for or against me. I usually put a left footed player to take from the right (e.g. Bale who is decent at free kicks) and vice versa (Sigurdsson on the other side).

    Has there been some change, do you think its worth setting the players to cross often instead of shoot?

  2. yup, Van Persie scored one for me, only one though

  3. Yeah, scored a few but conceded fuck loads. Swear Suarez is like some kind of free kick God on this game -_-
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  4. Baines scored 3 in first season for me, not had anyone else score 1.

  5. Interesting... I was going to ask the same question. It's 14 Feb, 2013 for me and I've not seen any scored for or against (as Liverpool). I checked the stats and only 7 have been scored in the league all season - 2 of those to Man City.

  6. So not just me then, will keep going and see if I finally score one

  7. I think i scored one with a BSN team.. anyways, in another match on the same division i conceded 3 and lost 3-2... lol

  8. I'm onto my second save first one failed to load one day at the start of the second season I'm now back to Feb and I've seen a grand total off one freekick scored and that was against me by Chris Brunt i think it was.

    However I'd say a good 30% of my freekicks hit the bar the rest if they are on target seem chipped softly into the keepers arms it's rather frustrating.

    I have had Bale, Tevez, Aguero, Silva Balotelli and Kolarov take freekicks for me.

    Not quite on topic but something that has ammused me is so far Balotelli has missed 4 pens for me one in a shootout and three in the PL lol. Absolutley shocking.

  9. Hazard scored once for me, but as other people have said, most seemed to get chipped straight at the 'keeper or go wide.

  10. Same as Sam91, im Liverpool and Suarez seems to be scoring a few free kicks and also had one from Jonjo Shelvey i recall!

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