Clubs gone mad

  1. Clubs gone mad

    About a week into my Arsenal save I'm looking to strengthen the squad, especially the midfield.
    Ajax superstar Christian Eriksen is currently valued at £12.5 Million. I bid £15 Million to start negotiations and Ajax just quoted me £63 Million, does anyone else think this is just ridiculous? He isn't exactly Ronaldo.

    Anyone else feel you have to overpay?

    On a lighter note I think this years edition is the most realistic in terms on gameplay, how often do you see a big team not adjust their tactics, get beat by relegation strugglers and go on a weird run? well done on this front si.

  2. You'd never get him for 15mil, even if he was transfer listed you'd be looking at 20+

  3. If he's on a long contract and they want to keep him, there's no reason at all to sell him 2.5 over his value.

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