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First patch, no ME changes :(
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  1. First patch, no ME changes :(

    So the first patch is out, no ME changes whatsoever!!! I personally think this is a great game, but the extremely unpredictable ME is getting slightly annoying now..

    Sports Interactive, the developers of Football Manager - FM13 hotfix update

  2. That's because fixing the ME issues takes more time and testing than fixing crashes and other bugs. They've already said they are working on several fixes and tweaks for the ME but it'll take some time before that patch comes out because of all the testing they have to do.

  3. They seem ( SI ) not to be listening about ME problems. Shame.

  4. Yeah, I know, and I do realise its a lot of work. Just getting annoyed thats all.. As I said, its a great game, but with the ME being as bad as it is at times, I kinda get the feeling I haven't bought a complete game yet..

  5. football is unpredictable, that's why it needs manager

  6. Well, its IS a hotfix. Fixing and TESTING ME issues takes much longer considering the knockon effects any change might have.

    Actually, most issues you have seen since release are infact knockon effects of other changes prebeta, like the "crossing bug" not actually having anything to do with the cross.
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  7. Anyway, thread moved to the General Discussion.

  8. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maccaattack View Post
    They seem ( SI ) not to be listening about ME problems. Shame.
    Nonsense, the fixes are still being tested. To quote them:

    UPDATE 13.1.2 RELEASED for Football Manager 2013

    A quick announcement to say we’ve just released an update containing a number of fixes for Football Manager 2013. We want to thank everyone for their feedback so far, it has been very much appreciated and alongside the reports in the Bugs forum it’s really allowed us to make some of these improvements.

    As with all updates it is save game compatible and you will be able to continue your save game. To update you will need to close the game down and re-launch for it to update. If this does not work for you or you feel it has not updated you will need to restart Steam.

    Once updated the version number will be 13.1.2, more specifically the full version numbers are listed below:

    PC: 330075
    Mac: 330073

    Just to emphasise, there are NO MATCH ENGINE CHANGES in this update. As some of you are aware PaulC and his team are hard at work on the match engine but more time is needed to both code and test all these changes.

    Likewise there are no database changes, if you start a new game the database number will remain 13.0.0.

    A changelist is included in the post below.

    If you’ve posted an issue on the bugs forum which has not been fixed in this changelist, do bear in mind we’ve only put in the most important fixes which we have been able to test enough to be sure they will not cause issues elsewhere. Just because an issue has not been included in this update does not mean it has been ignored.

    We hope you continue to enjoy playing Football Manager 2013 with this update. Thanks.

    The list of what is to come so far in the ME is already on this forum

    Originally Posted by PaulC
    Just by way of a Match Engine update this is where we are. Its a work in progress so far and not likely to be rolled out for a week at the very least.....

    Match v1313

    - Refined position of d-line and also the lines in front of it when defending
    - Brought wingers a bit deeper when defending
    - Weaker players more likely to favour direct passes quicker
    - Improved short pass accuracy slightly
    - Tried to increase number of crosses slightly
    - Fine tuned shot accuracy
    - Fixed some minor player on ball decision bugs
    - Improved trajectory of medium length kicks like free kick shots and corners
    - Made players better at offering out ball to team mate
    - Tried to improve player reactions to deflected balls or tackles
    - Made players more willing to slide tackle when opportunity and need arises
    - Fixed some unnatural save directions from keepers
    - Fixed keepers trying to save ball at wrong point when its heading for post or bar
    - Made players slightly better at turning body while on the run
    - Made strongest player stand ground when 2 players collide while going for a header
    - Made goal celebration paths a little bit more varied
    - Fixed comms saying ball well wide when not really that far wide
    - Some ball physics collision tweaks
    - Some team talk fixes

  9. Do we need to start a new save for these changes to take effect?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by StueyRob View Post
    Do we need to start a new save for these changes to take effect?
    No, no changes to the database so no need to start a new game.

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