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Cheap europa league/champions league quality players?

  1. Cheap europa league/champions league quality players?

    I took over swansea half way through the first season when they were rock bottom, I have mangaed to steer them into the carling cup final and hopefully will win it, i will therefore need to start looking for players good enough for the europa league, does anyone have any suggestions? I need a decent striker to start with tbh and i play 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1

  2. Won the carling cup so please people give me some ideas!!!!!

  3. Some more information would help such as budget

  4. i assume my budget will be around 15 million, cheap is the operative word as i would like to keep the club out of debt, but i have 13 million remaining this season so i can buy players now

  5. Wellington Nem. If someone hasn't bought him already. 3.5m Release Clause.
    Adryan has a 875k Release Clause.

    Stick Nem upfront with Adryan behind him and you'll be fine. Danny Graham looks like a great striker already so I don't think you'll need to invest any more upfront.

    Then i'd look at possible loans you could get for backups and see who's been transfer listed.
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  6. Ademilson has a release clause of 5.5 mIl and is an absolute animal in a couple of years. Hiljemark as well. Nice looking ball playing midfielder with potential. Cost me abut 2.5ish if I remember right.

  7. Yeah a ball playing midfielder would be perfect since its the way i play with my swansea play, also a defender would be perfect if anyone has any ideas, i can't stop leaking goals

  8. Simon Kjær?
    Danny Wilson on loan?

  9. Wellington Nem = 3.5m
    Ademilson = £5.25m
    Adryan = 875k

    Cannot go wrong with those 3 for under £10m.

  10. marcel schmelzer. costs about 5 million from dortmund

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