Best position/role for RVP
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  1. Best position/role for RVP

    I've been playing 4-2-3-1 with united, with a deep lying playmaker and a ball winning midfielder and Isco left attacking midfielder, kagawa CAM and Nani Right attacking midfielder. Van persie is set as an advanced forward role and as the team's target man supply set on "run onto ball".

    I've tried numerous strikers like Angelo Henriquez, RVP, Welbeck and Hernandez in this role and they can't buy a goal although Henriquez and RVP seem to create many assists from this role. My problem is that my main goal supply(top scorers) comes from Isco(left inside forward - attack), Kagawa(CAM set on support) Nick Powell in central midfield(Deep lying playmaker). If these 3 players don't perform, I can't score

    Also, I've set my striker and CAM to interchange positions.

    Any tips on how to get my strikers to score?

  2. I haven't played FM2013 yet but this would what I would do:

    RVP would probably work great as both a lone striker as well as a more deep-lying striker that brings others into the game.

    If he was a lone striker: CLOSING DOWN- own half. Long shots- sometimes. Passing - have the slider just below "mixed". HOLD UP BALL: no. Run with ball: often. Thru balls: rarely. Roam from position: no. Run from deep: sometimes. Cross ball: rarely.

    If he was part of a two-man strike force: same as above except: Closing down: own half (but more to the middle). Hold up ball: YES. Run with ball: sometimes. Thru balls: often. Roam from position: yes. Run from deep: often.

    Essentially, when the sole striker you give me more of a poacher role but not as poacher-ish if it was say Hernandez.

    Personally I dislike using CAM in the game. I usually use two strikers instead, with one striker being a DLF basically acting as a CAM but in FM2012 (I found) is much more effective. I think also getting your striker and CAM will be awkward when they've played out of position, and is definitely something I suggest you don't do. Personally, I found FM dislikes natural strikers in CAM positions and I've never gotten good results from doing that.

    If you play two strikers instead of a CAM, I try to make my deeper lying striker one that has a high work rate (e.g. Rooney). This is important because with this high work rate, he will be willing to travel back and help out with the defence when need be.

    Hope it helps. Do let me know how it goes!

  3. try him as a deep lying forward thats his best role according to my scout

  4. complete forward - attack he score for me 43 goals first season...

  5. Thanks for the info so far. Should I put him as my target man in the team instructions?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kryptzlol View Post
    Thanks for the info so far. Should I put him as my target man in the team instructions?
    If you want him to score goals then no because as a target man he is a focal point setting the play up for others you want him to be the last pass or be in the position to recieve the ball from the target man

  7. I set him up as a complete forward with all the sliders as Coupdhaha suggested. Still not scoring goals and fully relying on Kagawa's and Isco's goals to win a match. Do you think it's best to have Isco and Nani as inside forwards or wingers? Maybe that will help.

  8. Why exactly is he not scoring? Is he missing, not getting into the right positions, not getting opportunities to score?

    How's his overall play? making assists or starting attacking moves?

  9. He gets really few opportunities, like 2-3 every match and he misses sitters. It's the same with any other striker that I play in that position. He used to make a lot of assists before I moved his sliders but now he's doing nothing.

  10. mm sorry it isn't working for you. Worked very well for me with Rooney on fm2012. If you want him to have more opportunities... may run from deep to rarely.

    If you've also got a CAM, maybe get rid of them to allow Van Persie to be the focal point of the attack.

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