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    Does anyone have any experience where they've used tight, zonal marking? It seems counter intuitive to me but I like most people am struggling to defend big time atm and am willing to try anything.

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    I tried the tight, zonal marking, and it wasnt a succes!!
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  3. I use it, as it makes sense in the way that when the opposition comes to your area you tight mark him, but you dont go running with him to the next zone, where another player will do the same.

    I also use this with close down with high defense
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  4. Pretty much what I do in every tactic

  5. I forgot to say. The only players that i use man marking with tight marking are all the defenders. I use zonal in the midfield. Still not getting all done with the man/zonal in the 4 at the front, since that left the midfield uncovered...

  6. Yeah I have set my CB's and DM to do it with good success so far but it only makes sense to do it like that because if you have everyone doing it you're just doing man marking lol. The difference being that your RB wouldn't follow a roaming LW out of his zone. I've just started with Arsenal and I've set myself the task of attacking like Barca but defending like a Mourinho team (I know I'm a glutton for punishment) we keep the ball well and the combination of targeted tight zonal marking, zonal marking and every player bar the CB'c and DM closing down the whole pitch is looking promising.

  7. Works for me - the major difference between that and man marking is that the players will track as much as possible but once the attacker enters another zone you get a "handover" to another defender. You still get players out of position but nowhere near as much and only when it makes sense. If you're zonal marking and not just sitting back then it needs to be tight to put pressure on the attacking team.

    For me, zonal marking is the norm - I use man marking very rarely nowadays as the players it makes most sense to attempt to mark out of the game are good at avoiding it.
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