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Team Guides: Liverpool FC
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  1. Just won the champs league again and the league in my 3rd season and Suarez doesn't want to renew his contract and it expires next year.twat

  2. Quote Originally Posted by talibkweli9 View Post
    Just won the champs league again and the league in my 3rd season and Suarez doesn't want to renew his contract and it expires next year.twat
    I sold him after my first season as I had lewandowski, I could never get him to finish consistently! There are better strikers out there, although ironically this season in real life he's much better than in the game!!

  3. Ye I'm playing on an updated version that has made his finnishing 16 instead of 13 and is better but to where he should be I think.I got him to sign anyway.he's gettin 145k aweek and 20k goal and appearance fee.I'll sell him after this season tho.just want another year from him and didn't want him to go on free

  4. 3rd going into March first season, dont know how as my team isnt really that good, just on a really strong run, especially at home. went out of Europa last 32 to Leverkusen though. Gameiro has got 3 in 4 then got injured, I forgot to mention I grabbed Tello on loan on deadline day, 3 impressive performances and then he bashed his hip. Had to send him back to Barca which was a shame. Hoping to finish top four by end of tonight.

  5. I signed Rodrigo for 39 mill played 4 scored 8 and broken leg and out 4 6 months.cheers

  6. I kept Glen Johnson for one season, then sold him to Spurs for £28m. I don't see the point in selling him sooner than that, as he's a quality back and his value will only increase anyway.

    Transfer history so far:

    Team Guides: Liverpool FC-liverpool_-transfers-history-2.pngTeam Guides: Liverpool FC-liverpool_-transfers-history-3.pngTeam Guides: Liverpool FC-liverpool_-transfers-history-4.pngTeam Guides: Liverpool FC-liverpool_-transfers-history-5.png

  7. you let Martin kelly go cheap there, In 2013 summer I kept rejecting bids fron Arsenal, they went as high as £10 million but I wasnt interested. After coming 3rd first season. I was given £27 million to spend. hwoever I sold Carrrol £10 Million, Pachecho £2.8 Million. Spearing £3 million to boost the funds. I signed Isco £17.5 Million, Zaha £5.75 million, Sakho £6 Million, Paloschi £2.8 million and Creistig on loan for a season. After the first seasons frustrating summer I was veru happy with these dealings. (Paloschi bargain).

    I drew with Villa away first game 2-2, debut goal for Palcoshi. 2nd game beat Swansea at home 4-1 with a Gerrard hat trick!

  8. I just let go of Kelly in 2017 for £24 mill to arsenal after beating them to a 20mill right back from real Madrid.I sold Mario Gotze to chelsea aswell as he was always gettin injured for 50 mill.bought him for 32 so wasn't bad.also got rid of Rodrigo and Lucas both to Madrid as Lucas was getting on abit and both suffered bad injurys throughout my season.I lost 13 mill on Rodrigo tho but I think he woodve been a great signing if he hadn't broke his leg

  9. How good does Yesil turn out ? I loaned him out first season, scored 15 in Championship, was going to bring him into the squad as cover but another loan offer came in from Wigan to play 1st team Prem football, so I accepted

  10. I've loaned him out all of the season's up to 2017 and he looks like he is a good player but I have 4 awesome forwards.I was playing one up front but changed to 2 so I'll put him in the squad next year to play afew games.

  11. i sold yesil to arsenal for 15mil in 3rd/4th season and he was arsenals best scorrer for 2 seasons. now he is at real madrid so he turns out preety well

  12. I will keep hold of him then. Currently have Saurez, Borini, Gameiro and Paloschi as my 4 strikers. Borini had a really good first season. One will have to may way for Yesil at one point, maybe Gameiro.

  13. Has anyone seen Liverpool get a new stadium?if so when does it usually happen.

  14. Finally moving to a stadium in my name in 2021 with a 74000 capacity

  15. In my second season I struggled in 5th place for a long time, I signed Bony in January for £15 million and he was incredible. 19 goals in 24 games from him and I finished 3rd place again but brilliantly won the Champions League. I beat Bayern, Porto, Man United and Real Madrid in the final. Bony was even better in the Champions league constantly firing in doubles. Pre Season start of my third season and I have told the board I will win the title. Albert Paloschi was an abolsute bargain smashing 20 goals in 35 games.

    I sold Allen £5 Mill, Henderson £9 Mill, Gameiro £5 Mill, Borini £15 Mill, Flanagan £ 3 Mill, De Ciglie £4 Mill. I also told the board I will win the League, bold statement but they were offering £81 million and I thought If I get the right players I can do it.

    So far I am paying big prices but the quality of players is great. Rodrigo bought for £29 Million and Christian Eriksen for £34 Million. I am also close to agreeing a deal for Ander Herrara for £25 Mill. Vincent Enyeama came in on a free as back up to Reina.

    I am looking to play roughly a team of: Reina, Kelly, Coates, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Eriksen, Rodrigo, Bony, Saurez .
    Definately rotating though with Herrara, Paloschi, Sterling, Will Hughes, Glen Johnson, Martin Skrtel, Jack Robinson, Jonjo Shelvey, Samed Yesil, Enyeama, Sakho and Zaha making up a good squad, plus the regens my head of youth development is picking up. cant wait!

  16. Isco is one of my top players too, totally missed him off. fighting it out with Eriksen for AM spot. First two games of new season team look brilliant. 3-2 win at Wolves, Gerrard (2) and Agger. 6-1 win at home to Norwich , Rodrigo (4), Gerrard (1), Saurez (1). Definately hoping for first title Prem title this year

  17. and I didnt go through with the purchase of Ander Hererra, I bought Lars Bender for £30 Million, he brilliant.

  18. Aaaaaargh why does everyone seem to think its Saurez? It`s Suarez goddammit :p

  19. you learn something new everyday, can you spell both Greek Centre backs names for me please?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by KingMacks View Post
    you learn something new everyday, can you spell both Greek Centre backs names for me please?
    No, but I can spell Sotirios Kyrgiakos?

  21. Sokratis Papastathopoulos and Kyriakos Papadopoulos didnt google it honest

  22. not had much chance play recently. Played Super Cup Final and beat City 2-0, goals from Bony and then a great individual goal from Eirksen, first for the club. Itching to play the team looks great, hows everyone else getting on? After Im bored of this (long time yet) will be on to a journeyman save

  23. I doubt this is still open but id like assistant if you ever come back

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