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Team Guides: Liverpool FC
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  1. Team Guides: Liverpool FC

    Hopefully this will be the first of many team guides for FM13

    Name: Liverpool FC
    League: English Premier League
    Stadium: Anfield
    Capacity: 45276
    Media Prediction: 5th


    In the first season, you will get a choice of 3 expectations; Qualify for Europa League, Qualify for Champions League and Title Challenge. As you only get £1 Million extra from title challenge, I would pick Qualify for Europa as their is less pressure on you.

    Expectations.......///......................./...Transfer Budget.........Wage Budget
    Qualify for Europa:///......................./£3 Million......................£1.5 Million
    Qualify for Champions league:
    ////£3.8 Million...................£1.7 Million
    Title Challenge:///............................/£4.1 Million...................£1.7 Million

    Once you have sold some players though, you will have a nice amount of money to play with, but we will come to that later in the guide


    Liverpool have some good staff memebers, and some pretty poor ones. Im not very good with staff, so you will have to have a look yourself, but there is one I can recommend. Terminate Colin Pascoes contract, and get in Johan Cruijff.

    Key Players

    Steven Gerrard:
    Liverpools captain and star player. Gerrard has excellent all-round ability, and can also play in several different positions. His best positions is attacking midfielder and can play as an advanced playmaker, attacking midfielder, insider forward and Trequartista equally well.

    Luis Suarez:

    The Uruguayan is another top player at Liverpool and is the chief goal getter (although he has only been given 13 finishing despite being second top scorer this season). His best position is up top as a deep lying forward or complete forward, but can also play on either wing or central attacking midfield. His dribbling ability is his best quality

    Daniel Agger

    Agger is Liverpool hard hitting no nonsense centre back. Like Steven Gerrard, is a very well rounded player. He does suffer from injuries though, so you must monitor his fitness carefully.

    Youth Prospects

    Raheem Sterling

    At the age of just 17, Sterling has already become one of my favorite players at the club. The young tricky winger has already proved his ability in the first team, and has excellent potential for the future. His pace and dribbling really troubles defenders when he is playing in his natural position which is on the right wing.

    Jordon Ibe

    Ibe is another excellent young winger coming through the academy. His has good pace and dribbling for his age, and with the correct training and tutoring, he can become a quality player.

    Transfers Out

    Due to issues with the ME, I usually play with 3 at the back with every team I use, and I feel this works really well for Liverpool. They have 3 good CBs in Skrtel, Agger and Coates. The lack of full backs also means you can sell Jose Enrique and Glen Johnson who fetch a fair amount of money. The player I normally offer are:

    Glen Johnson: £18.5 Million
    Offers From: Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal

    Jose Enrique: £9 Million
    Offers From: Arsenal, Tottenham

    Stuart Downing: £10.75 Million
    Offers From: Fulham

    Doni: £1.2 Million
    Offers From: Man City

    If you manage to sell all these players, you should have around £25 Million to play with. You will also receive many loan offers for your younger players. I usually accept if they are offered first team football.

    Transfers In

    Now that you have a bit of money to play with, now comes the fun part. Using my formation of 3-5-2, the positions I would look for are; CB, LM and ST. Some of the players I would recommend are:

    Demba Ba: Excellent striker and is avaliable for just £7 Million.

    Alan Dzagoev: Was labeled the Russian "Messi" in the last few version of FM. Can be picked up for free at the beginning of the game, and will join in January.

    Wilifred Zaha: Continuing with Liverpools building for the future approach, Zaha is an excellent signing. For £6 Million, I think he is a bargain. He can play up top, or right midfield.

    Raul Albiol: A solid signing from Real Madrid. He is available for £6.25 Million. There are several teams chasing him though, so he can sometimes prove hard to get.

    Neven Subotic: A slightly more expensive option at the back, but a very good one who will improve over time. Can be picked up for around £15 Million.

    Nathan Redmond: Another excellent young pacey English winger. He can play both on the right and left hand side, and I have had good results with him on the left. He can be picked up for around £5 Million

    You may not be able to get all of these players, but you will probably be able to get most of them. This is what my transfers looked liked after playing:

    Team Guides: Liverpool FC-liverpool_-transfers-history.png
    + Dzagoev coming in January


    I have been using one of the tactics by TheBetterHalf (I will link the tactic when I find it ). I had some excellent results when I used it with the Fm-Base team in the money bags challenge. Admittedly I should be winning all the games, but as people have been struggling this year, managing to go over 100 games unbeaten was a real achievement.

    This is my line up before the opening game of the season:

    A line up which I feel is fairly strong, and is also one with potential for years to come.

    Training and Tutoring

    In this section I will just give a quick review on what focus you should put certain players on and what new positions to train them too.

    Raheem Sterling: MR, Quickness
    Joe Allen: DM
    Wilifred Zaha: Shooting (If you are going to use him as a striker), Crossing (If you are going to use him as a winger)
    Oussama Assaidi: Passing
    Fabio Borini: Composue
    Martin Kelly: Tackling


    Steven Gerrard ---> Raheem Sterling
    Luis Suarez ---> Wilifred Zaha

    Just a short guide but I hope it helps a few people. If you feel I have left anything out, feel free to comment and I will see where I can add it
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  2. Think its the ATTACKING POSSESSION tactic, did ya win the league? Love the guide pretty much everything i did when i started my liverpool save! hope you make other guides

    oh yeah was gna ask does tutoring help at all? never used it but thanks for the tips

  3. LFCMarshall's Avatar LFCMarshall
    • LFCMarshall's Avatar
    • Quote Originally Posted by Jamie92 View Post
      Fantastic update, seriously it's quite amazing how much time and effort you have put into this. Premierleague is 99.99% perfect IMO!
      Quote Originally Posted by peskybendben View Post
      Another phenominal update there LFC! Simply outstanding, and by far the most complete and comprehensive update on the web today! I think I speak on behalf of everyone on this forum, when I say a huge thank you for this!
    Liverpool. YNWA.
    Good guide, however selling Johnson and Enrique is madness espeically glen.. both very good on the game, Enrique is overrated imo!
    Scruffyuk likes this.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mugatu View Post
    oh yeah was gna ask does tutoring help at all? never used it but thanks for the tips
    Yeah it does. you need a player with high determination to tutor a younger player with lower determination. The younger player determination will usually rise greatly. If they have better determination, they are more likely to reach their potential.

    They can also pick up some of the PPMs of the tutoring player

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LFCMarshall View Post
    Good guide, however selling Johnson and Enrique is madness espeically glen.. both very good on the game, Enrique is overrated imo!
    Aye, it was a tough decision, but considering the money you can get for them, I thought it was worth it. Gives you a chance to build your own squad then.

  6. I got rid of Enrique but kept Johnson.

    Good guide

  7. Did you Tweak the tactic at all? 100 games unbeaten is awesome.... if so could you upload it please

  8. nice guide iamauser who is redmond or is he a regen or a liverpool youth player could i see a screenshot mate?

  9. Redmond plays for Birmingham mate

  10. Decent guide, in my first season i finished 2nd a few points behind Chelski (top all season, long europa league and domestic cup runs) runners up to barca in europa league, capital one cup winners and fa cup quarter final loss to Chelski!

    In my second season im coming up to March, top with Man U-shited a point behind, 1st knockout round of Champions league against Shakhtar, out of Capital One to Derby and FA cup quarter against Spurs i think) Hopefully i dont loose out at the last hurdle this season!

    I've also signed Luuk De Jong 16m and Daniel Sturridge 18m absolute goal machines!!

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