1. Random!

    half way through my 2nd season with dortmund so i was just having a look at people who have been transfer listed then i see Pedro Leon who plays with Real Madrid whos valued at 9.75mill so i look at how much they want for him and the asking price was 5k ? so i bought him and now going to make a nice profit and end of the season

    anyone else seen any strange prices like this?

  2. maybe he had very bad argue with manager?

  3. does the enquiry works for listed players only?

  4. i dont know, hes out on loan in the first season, even if he had arguement dont you think it would be more than 5k they were after lol, menidi i didnt enquire about him it was on his profile where it tells you his squad status etc it also tells you how much they want if there transfer listed, any enquiry ive ever done always gets rejected lol

  5. yep i have, had the same with david villa. got him for 5k

  6. now thats a bargain jesus....

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