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Team Guides: Brighton and Hove Albion

  1. Team Guides: Brighton and Hove Albion

    Name: Brighton and Hove Albion
    Founded: 1901
    League: English Championship
    AMEX Stadium
    Capacity: 27250
    Media Prediction: 10th


    In the first season you will get a choice of top half finish, Promotion or title challenge. I would pick either top half finish or promotion, as they both have the least pressure

    Expectations../.......Transfer Budget.........Wage Budget
    Top half finish...........£725K............................£140K

    Title Challenge........£1 Million.....................£160k


    First off, I would terminate Maurico Tarrico's contract as he is pretty terrible. There are plenty of people you could replace him with, but I settled with Melvyn Day. Bobby Downes in an excellent coach it bring in, and if you can negotiate him down, Steve Nickson is an excellent scout with 17 judging CA and 20 judging PA.

    Key Players


    The 31 year old Spanish right back has been an impressive signing so far for Brighton in real life, and his stats on FM are also very good. Excellent work rate and team work, and very good physical stats for a player of his age.

    Wayne Bridge

    On loan from Manchester City. Bridge is a very well rounded defender, who is good at the back, but also does well going forward as a wing back.

    Gordon Greer

    Greer is a really good, tall, powerful defender. Being club captain, he has an excellent influence on all the younger players. Possesses good strength, heading and tackling.

    Youth Prospects

    Lewis Dunk

    Dunk has a very bright future ahead of him, and has the right stats to make him a fine defender. He already has good physical ability, meaning you can focus on training is technical and mental stats.

    Kazenga LuaLua

    My favourite Brighton player, and is always a joy to watch. He has bags of pace and flair, meaning he always excites the home crowed. His mental stats do need working on, but with the right tutoring he will turn out good.

    Transfer Out

    Several of Brightons players are already wanted at the beginning of they game, and lucky they are all ones who can be spared. I offered out the following players:

    Marcos Painter: £675k
    Offers From: Nottm Forrest, Leicester

    Romain Vincelot: £500K
    Offers From: Nottm Forrest

    Peter Brezovan: £300k
    Offers From: Blackpool, Hull

    Ryan Harley: £350k
    Offers From: Burnley, Hibernians

    Vincente: £2.5 Million (A very hard decision as he is arguably the best attacking player at the club, due to high injury proneness though, he probably wont get to play much, and at 31 its best to cash in on him now.)
    Offers From: Sc Heerenveen

    Transfer In

    You may have guessed, that as their top 3 players are defenders, you will need to invest in some strikers. I would also recommend investing in another central defender, and El-Abd isnt that great. Some players you could look at are:

    Jamie Mackie: Very determined striker who can be picked up on loan from Q.P.R.

    Steven Mouyokolo: Can also be picked up on loan from Wolves. A very solid defender, who would easily get into the first team.

    Rory Delap: Can be bought for £250k, but due to his age, I would recommend getting him on loan. Will easily walk into the first team.

    Ivan Hurado: Avaliable on a free at the beginning of the game. A fantastic defender, probably better than Greer. Many other clubs will offer him a contract though, so offer him good money! Work permit may also be an issue.

    Karim Ait Fana: A must buy if you decided to sell Vincente. plays the same positions as him, and can also be picked up for the same price you hopefully sold Vincente for, £2.5 Million.

    As you can only get 2 more players on season long long loans, you will have to decide which you feel you need most.

    Team Guides: Brighton and Hove Albion-brighton_-transfers-history.png


    With the players I signed, I decided to play a fairly attacking, wide 4-5-1 formation. I have them playing short passing, with the wingers getting in lots of crosses. I am no tactical genius, so this bit is mostly up to you. (Where would the fun be then )

    Training and Tutoring

    In this section I will just give a quick review on what focus you should put certain players on and what new positions to train them too.

    Karim Ait Fana: Crossing
    Kazenga Lualua: Crossing
    Will Buckley: Crossing
    Lewis Dunk: Tackling
    Liam Bridcutt: Tackling


    Adam El-Abd ---> Lewis Dunk

    Just a short guide but I hope it helps a few people. If you feel I have left anything out, feel free to comment and I will see where I can add it

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  2. good guide mate, hopefully it helps in my brighton save

  3. just a quick question, is mackail-smith any good on the game? unsure whether to keep him or not?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by aaronpayne1888 View Post
    just a quick question, is mackail-smith any good on the game? unsure whether to keep him or not?
    Depends on if you can get in another striker. I would recommend keeping him as a back up though, depending on what formation you play obviously.

  5. I'd also add Jake Forster-Caskey as a future prospect, he turns into a top Premier League Midfielder. But other than that, good guide!

  6. Silly question but how do you get the yellow arrows on Bridge and Bruno what do did you do to to get that?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by BobbyMoore View Post
    Silly question but how do you get the yellow arrows on Bridge and Bruno what do did you do to to get that?
    I converted the tactics to classic

  8. I just started with Brighton :-) I did a few things different on the transfer market:

    Players out:

    Vicente 3 mil to Vitesse
    Peter Brezovan 375 to Wigan
    Casper Ankergren 300 to Fulham
    Vincelot 550 to Nott Forest
    Painter 700 to Nott Forest
    Ryan Harley 600 to Motherwell

    Players in:
    Adryan 875 from Flamengo (cheap and exceptional with the right training and match practice!! Wonderkid!)
    Karim Ait Fana 1,6 mil from Montpellier (hes been really dominating my right wing the first games, very good buy!)
    Jamie Mackie loan (youre right! Hes awesome and bagged 7 goals so far in 3 games!)
    Ben Haim free transfer (my best player so far! Controlling the defensive alongside Greer)
    Rory Delap 250 from Stoke (awesome stats for the veteran, and hes long throws is always a threat!)

    So ive got 5,5 mil in sold playes fees and only used 2,8 mil because i used the pay over 48 month option in a couple of deals. Hope it pays of with a promotion to BPL..... Still chasing a cover player for Bridge on the left and maybe one more attacker before the window closes :-)

  9. I managed to buy Jamie Mackie. Cost me a bit but as Karim Ait Fana wouldn't come to me anyway I had funds to spend. Also picked up Adryan, Anthony Wordsworth and a Romanian winger I forget the name of.

    All in all I think I've spent a little under £5m and sold a little over £6m by cutting a few more players I consider to be deadweight: Ashley Barnes, Matt Sparrow and a couple of others.

  10. I started another game on this with the newest transfers etc. and I have to say it is a really impressive starting squad now. I sold Vicente for £3m and got rid of a couple of others. Made only two signings as well:

    Carles Planas from Barca for £275k
    Sergi Gomez from Barca on a free.

    Both defenders as Upson is only a season loan and so is Bridge. Once their loan is up I'll have ready made replacements waiting in the wings.

    For tactics I used the one in the OP as a what I've dubbed 'Home-Control' for opponents I think I will dominate. I made a variant called 'Home Defensive' in which I've put the AMC into an MC position for opponents I think I'll need to be a bit beefier in the midfield with and final called 'Away' in which the AMC is pulled back into the DMC role to try and ensure I don't drop points away from home.

    It is working quite well thus far.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by BBassic View Post
    Carles Planas from Barca for £275k
    Sergi Gomez from Barca on a free.
    Just wondering how managed to get those two so cheap? And neither of them are interested in joining me

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Sanders View Post
    Just wondering how managed to get those two so cheap? And neither of them are interested in joining me
    I've just checked and Gomez actually cost me 140K. Barca put them both on the transfer list during pre-season for some reason. Madness but I wasn't about to complain!

  13. Something I've noticed with the tactics I mentioned earlier is that the press and fans have hailed me as a tactical genius all because I move one player into one of three positions (AMC, MC, DM) depending on the opposition.

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