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ME is cheating or keeper is Spiderman (video)
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  1. ME is cheating or keeper is Spiderman (video)

    Uniao Madeira 3 2 Santa Clara Match Highlights - YouTube

    Spoiler: Long pass heading to goal, keeper rushes out, misses the kick but has rubber band attached to ball and gets is back?! Not sure if funny because i almost threw my laptop out of the window

  2. that's shocking...

  3. lol .

  4. If Porto was playing, i would say that their President had something to do with it!

    Report this to SI
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  5. whos the keeper, im gonna sign him up

  6. How do you upload clips to YT?
    There's a couple bugs I'd like to stick on there

  7. Why? To try and show them up in some way?

    A far more productive method would be to upload the raw files to the beta forum at SI.

  8. Simple explanation, there's an invisible wall on the goal line...hence the rebound back to the keeper. Watch now for goals through the side net.

  9. It's your tactics. FM13 is super realistic.
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  10. He used the force.
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