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Head youth development and chief scout attributes.

  1. Head youth development and chief scout attributes.

    What sets a chief scout apart from just 'regular scouts'? What makes them a good chief? Its man mngmt? I have no clue.

    Also what about head youth development? What attributes are important for him? Working with youngsters and ... ?

  2. Maybe player potential?

  3. ye but as utd i nearly always have scouts with 20 potential and ability. My question is what sets a chief scout apart from one of my normal scouts?

  4. Maybe man management

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    Considering his options
    It's mainly to be the head of operations, the manager's right-hand man for talent spotting and recruitment. Not necessarily to do with attributes specifically as the core ones needed (Adaptability, Determination, JPA, JPP) are all needed. Perhaps Motivation, or one more Mental attribute but other than that there are no differences. 13/14 the base minimum normally, 11/12 for lower league.

    As for Head of Youth Development I would suggest a high JPP attribute as he oversees the youth academy at the club and potentially scouts out local talent who may be potential targets. High Determination, Motivation, Discipline and Working With Youngsters are required to be able 13/14, depending on who you are, 11/12 when in lower leagues. Again, no real specific attribute changes, but rather how high the attributes are.
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