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What team to be in league 1?

  1. What team to be in league 1?

    I havent got the game yet as im out the country. Normally start in championship but thinking of league 1 this time round. Any suggestions on who to start with. fancy a good challenge

  2. Doncaster im using

  3. Swindon, Crawley, Crewe.

  4. I'm using Doncaster.

    They have a great squad, room for improvements and a few decent players with good potential (e.g. James Husband). I strongly recommend signing Eric Lichaj from Aston Villa as well!

  5. if you're after a challenge notts county have a decent squad with a few really good league one players (judge, sheehan, bishop) but not the best finances. tricky but could be promotion contenders with a few quality signings.
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  6. Crewe have awesome youth recruitment and facilities. Downside is a low wage budget and a small stadium.

  7. Yurt's Avatar Yurt
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    I'd say Swindon are the most exciting but I wouldn't want you to oust Di Canio! So I'd say go for Notts County; they're probably the team in League One with the most colourful history and would be a great joy to lead them to success.

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