help with QPR

  1. help with QPR

    Playing as QPR. I know they are fighting for safety, and in real life have yet to win a premier league game, but I am doing far, far worse. I have yet to even score a goal in the premier league, and just lost at home in the capital one cup to brighton.

    Players bought - Anderson from ManU (played very well and then got injured)
    Wellington Nem
    Royston Drenthe (consistently horrible, play him as both ML and AML and he never gets above a 6.5)

    I have been using a 4-1-4-1 counter for games against top teams, a 4-4-2 standard, and a 4-2-3-1 Deep for home games against "weaker" teams. I try to focus passing down the flank of wherever my fastest player is (usually hoilett). I haven't conceded more than 2 goals in a game but I hardly ever get any shots. Most players get decent match ratings, except my defense which are all averaging around 6.3.
    Cisse in particular has been extremely disappointing, the only player to get several CCC's.

    I know a lot of these players are new to the team (Ji-Sung, Mbia, Diakite, Julio Cesar, etc.) is my team just not blending yet? I was expecting not to do great with a difficult team like this, but this is just madness. I am open to ANY tips or suggestions

  2. Anyone?

  3. Maybe change formation? I won the FA cup and finished 6th with QPR in my 1st season, playing counter attack style football with a formation of 4-3-3 with an anchor man. Hows your morale? Put your training at a high level, is what worked for me (although i done that in pre-season). Is your team familiar to the formations being played? Also i loaned John Guidetti from City and he scored 21 goals for me as a DLF. Worth getting..

  4. 4 at the back
    2 centre mids (DLP(Defend) and CM(Support)
    1 AMC (AM(Support)
    2 wingers (Winger(Attack) and Winger (Attack))
    1 Forward (AF(Attack))

    Set Style as rigid
    Set Strategy as Standard and when u are playing away from home against harder opp then maybe use counter and change the instructions for your wingers to support. Worked for me for Blackpool hope it helps

  5. 4 at the back, 1 DM (Anchor man), 2 CM's (DLP and AP), 2 AML/AMR (Wingers with instructions to run with ball alot) and a ST (Poacher) Should do the trick. Play control against team with similar or worse stature and counter against the big boys.

  6. Royston Drenthe is a horrible player to buy. I bought im for QPR and subbed him in one of his first games, then he moaned about and it and I ended up selling him... But oh well and I use 4 at the back, 1 DM, 2 CM's, 2 Wingers (AMl/AMR) and a ST and then i switch there roles depending on who I have in the team

  7. Im having a great start to the season just now by playing 4 (2cd, def, 2fb, sup,) 1 (def mid, def) 1 (bwm, def) 3 central AMs (2 ins. F, 1 of them as Sup and the other as att, and 1 adv pl in sup.) in front I use a poacher. I focus my passing through the middle and play a short, quick passing game in control mode. Against the bigger teams I play counter.Im creating lots of chances so far. Hope you find this usefull.

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