Championship team to build a dynasty with
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  1. Championship team to build a dynasty with

    As title suggest which team would you suggest to take to the top with good players and a team that I can mould into Swansea style of play

  2. Brighton!

  3. eddiem352's Avatar eddiem352
    Newcastle Backup

  4. I'd choose either Leeds, Forest, Derby or Leicester.

  5. blackpool have some decent players to begin with and already play a similar style of football so they could be a good option or maybe someone like ipswich as they are in need of an overhaul anyway as it's all loan players or ageing players on wages that are far too high so it's basically a blank canvas although you've already got cresswell who normally ends up in the prem on my saves.

  6. blackpool have two great wingers in ince and phillips defo a good choice with potential through out the club

  7. leeds or forrest for me also!!!

  8. Derby County,

    Have some good young prospects : Mason Bennett(goal machine for me), Will Hughes, Tom Naylor

    Top training facillities, great team to build youth around, they get taking over through the first season giving a few million transfer budget. Very good team to be, only estimated mid table. I'm having a lot of fun with them in my save

  9. Huddersfield have enough starting cash to get this done. Stadium's not bad either.

  10. Brighton

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