Bourssia Dortmund, german players "Una"

  1. Bourssia Dortmund, german players "Una"

    all my German players are "Una" in red, like ineligible. it's in pre season so not worried yet but can some one tell me whats happening please? FMC by the way, didn't get an answer in the post in the fmc discussion

  2. I thinks it means unavailable. But I dont know why it would say that, unless you havent registered them for pre-season but I dont go on FMC so im not sure

  3. When you start a game with Dortmund, Götze, Reus, Ilkay Gündoğan, Schmelzer, I think, and several others are on holiday until about a week into the pre-season, that's why they're unavailable.
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  4. I believe the holiday is for recovery from Euro 2012 and it's players who participated who are unavailable.

  5. Not sure why it's only the German players if that's the case. Lewandowski's available from the start. Strange thing is I don't think Błaszczykowski is. But I can't remember whether he's injured or not.

  6. Probably because Poland got knocked out in the group, and a rest wasn't needed.

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