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    To be able to take full advantage of the regen dates it's wise to have scouts with knowledge of important nations like Brazil, England, Holland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Argentina etc. But since there are so many nations where the next Messi can appear, it is close to impossible to cover all the top nations if each scout has knowledge of only one nation - especially if you're managing a lower profile club where you can't have 10+ scouts. So my invitation to you is to share your scouts with broad scouting knowledge. Scouts like this should in my opinion have at least 15 in both JCA and JPA, although lower could be fine for lower profile clubs. And I know, this knowledge grows gradually by assigning your scouts to regions/nations they don't have a prior knowledge of. This is simply for scouts with an already vast knowledge, in order to save time and money.

    Take Romeo Jozak for instance, a good scout with 16 JCA and 17 JPA, and even good overall attributes (which is probably why he can be hired as head of youth development, or even DOF). But the thing that makes him special is his amount of knowledge when it comes to different nations. Finding scouts like that is a little more tricky than just searching for scouts with 15+ JCA and JPA, as there is no obvious filter to use when searching. If you're looking for a scout with knowledge of a specific nation it's a little easier (you can use filters such as "based", "language spoken" and "nationality"). But to find scouts with knowledge of several nations is something that usually, at least to me, happens incidentally.

    To me it seems like there aren't as many scouts like this in FM13 as in FM12, but here's a few in addition to the already mentioned Romeo Jozak : Werner Bröcker (HSV), Rudi Wojtowicz (Wolfsburg), Dirk Jahnke (Gladbach), Steffen Korell (Gladbach), John Steen Olsen (Ajax), Reinhold Hintermaier (Nürnberg) , Thomas Hörster (Leverkusen), Frank Ordenewitz (Werder Bremen), Uwe Harttgen (Werder Bremen), Heinz Schilcher (Ajax), Horst-Dieter Höttges (Free Agent), Klaus Fischer (Free Agent), Søren Lerby (Free Agent), Henning Jensen (Free Agent), Rainer Scholz (Free Agent).

    As you can see, most of these are German and have a wide knowledge of the nations around them - which is good, since Central Europe is a hotspot as far as regens are concerned (Scouting Regions - Know the countries, find the hidden talents). I was hoping some of you may have found scouts with wide knowledge of other regions known for their regens - maybe a scout with wide knowledge of several South American nations? North Africa is another region hotspot, along with South Europe, West Africa, UK & Ireland, and parts of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Central Africa. If you've found any, please share!
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