What happened to my finances? Projected to finish $200K in the red, for no apparent

  1. What happened to my finances? Projected to finish $200K in the red, for no apparent

    So I started off unemployed, and signed a deal in Blue Square South with Hyvant & Waterlooville. I signed a bunch of free transfers (14 to be exact) and a couple of coaches. I spent maybe $15,000 in all on salary, transfers, etc. I get around to checking finances, and oddly enough, I am projected to go from having $60K in the coffers to being $175 in debt! How did this happen??

    I transfer listed a few of my marginal and otherwise useless players, but got exactly zero offers.

    This is my first time playing the game. I'm doing well enough on the pitch (4th place in the league early on), it's just the finances that have me puzzled. I just cut one of my players from the team, and swallowed the $500 compensation that I owed him. I also won my first FA cup match. Now I'm "only" projected to be $142 in the red at season's end. Should I chop more useless players who don't have salaries? Any help would be appreciated.

    (I'm from the United States so my game is in dollars, just FYI).

  2. Firstly even though your from the joke nation of the world, always play with the currency your playing in.

    Secondly, YES. sell useless players. Go to your team squad and check what wages everyone is on and ged rid of anyone who is not in your first team and has high wages.

    Also you may of made the mistake of signing players that, EVEN IF THEY ARE FREE, do not warrant the wages you are paying them.

    So my advice is anyway, cull all high wages who you wont be playing....

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