Leeds United

  1. Leeds United

    Anybody finding it hard with Leeds ?

    Lost in the playoff final to wolves in my first year ......

    Currently in the start of January on my second season, 8th in the league, 2 points behind 5th place and my job status is insecure.....

  2. i'm in my first season with them, 32 games in currently placed 7th. 7h points of 2nd place. what formation are you using?

  3. You are very good ,i was sacked 2nd of December just like fm 2012.It is the only team that send me home.

  4. 4-1-2-2-1

    Austin just infront of back 4,

    Thiago Gomes and Meylor just infront,

    Anibache, diouf,

    Mccormack or Becchio upfront.

    Balanced, Control

  5. paddy kenny injuried 6-8 months for me, so got ashdown in net for 2nd half of season, Becchio was on fire first half season top goal scorer in championship.. now a sloppy 2nd half of season

  6. Must say i'm not a fan of diouf. he's forever getting sent off for me and booked. i'm using a 4-2-3-1 finding it decent

  7. Exactly the same with Becchio scored 22 league goals in my first season, went on a goal drought from Feb to end of season .....

    Dioufs playing well avarage match rating above 7 so far this year and last year.....

  8. i'm just coming to feb/march time for some regens, hope i can get some pretty decent signings

  9. I am really struggling, 12 games in and only one win so far!

    Playing 4-1-3-1 with Bodde in front of the back four as deep laying playmaker, Austin and Green in front, Hall and White/McCormack on the wings and Becchio up front. Balanced and counter.

    But nothing seems to be going right!

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