Okay... why am I not winning?? Advice please

  1. Okay... why am I not winning?? Advice please

    OK guys, I get that a lot of people are complaining about the game being harder and not being able to win, but that seems to be an issue of (mainly) not spending enough time implementing the correct tactics, game plans etc.

    However, in the season which I am playing with Arsenal, I spend hours properly planning my tactics, training, set pieces etc and still lose almost every time to lesser sides. Most of my star players are also under-performing with average rating in the mid 6s.

    I generally struggle to keep possession and create chances, and most of the time the opposition will score a goal within the first 5 minutes of the game!

    Can someone who is playing with Arsenal currently please give me a rundown of your basic tactics, training schedules and set piece instructions because this is driving me crazy!

  2. I'd say give a different formation a try. If you're conceding early, have a tactic where you have 2 DMs that defend. Don't put Arteta at DM with Vermaerlen and Koscielny at CB and wonder why you're conceding alot. Arteta isn't a great DM, If you're looking for a DLP he's your guy, but for DM no, as Arsenal sold Song they don't have anyone to actually defend so i'd invest in buying a REAL DM and only use one of Vermaelen or Koscienly imo as they both like to venture forward. Play Mertesacker or buy a new Defender who will ONLY defend and not go forward.

    So you have

    Real DM - Real DM.
    Gibbs - Thomas/Laurent - New CB - Sagna

    For example Mikel is an ideal DM as he doesn't get forward at ALL. He doesn't like to shoot and just concentrates on Defending so I'd suggest buying someone around his mould.

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