1. Unrealistic...

    When going for a 15/16/17 year old, your about to offer him terms.. why do they always want so many thousand a week and bonu's etc at that age? Its silly. It would hardly happen in real life.

    I can see past a couple of thousand but we're talking 8 thousand and more usually.

  2. haven't seen this thread before

  3. Everton Nice Guy Gramps

  4. probably happens all the time

    Apparantley raheem sterling wants 50 grand a week, and he's 17

    So it's completetly realistic

  5. thats just the daily mail saying that sterling has come out on his twitter page calling the story a load of shite.
    Contract talks between liverpool and sterling will not be taking place until he turns 18 in december

  6. Right now almost the entire game Is unrealistic

  7. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajt09 View Post
    What he said.

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