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FM13 close to the real life? Wake up!
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  1. FM13 close to the real life? Wake up!

    I play with FC Bayern and it is only 30th October 2012.. From 9 matches what I found:

    The best ever team in the all time, Barcelona sit at 16th place with 2W 2D 5L
    Liverpool at the 19th place with 0W 5D 4L
    Spurs at the 14th place with 2W 3D 4L
    Inter at the 16th place with 0W 5D 2L
    Rayo Vallecano at the 2nd place with 5W 3D 1L (and they just beat Barca)

    And u told me that this game close is to the real life? LOL.. Fix the bug please

  2. gogogo golem
    Liverpool and Macclesfield Follows: Leicester City Modern Day Legend
    In nine games anything can happen. Some of it is stupid but Spurs wet their pants whenever a team puts a single ounce of attacking pressure on them this season due to Villas-Boas' poor management, so that bit is realism.
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  3. Brendn's Avatar Brendn
    Liverpool F.C. & Limerick. Modern Day Legend Brendn is online now
    I'm pretty sure Sunderland beating Liverpool via a beachball assist was a match engine bug too.
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  4. "Liverpool at the 19th place with 0W 5D 4L"

    Seems right...engine works

  5. I wish I could dislike his post...smh.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Munroe View Post
    I wish I could dislike his post...smh.
    Could u imagine Barca with their players capabilities now sit 18th with 2W 3D 8L? Not a chance..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kohoth View Post
    Could u imagine Barca with their players capabilities now sit 18th with 2W 3D 8L? Not a chance..
    In my game they're a point clear of Real Madrid at the top of the table, Messi is the top scorer with 14 goals, Xavi has the most assists with 10....I'm pretty confident it will be like this on most people's games. Now on yours, maybe they've had an injury crisis? Sold a key player? Played a new formation? Or the players might not be getting on with Tito...I don't know, but to suggest it's a bug is really, really stupid.

  8. Yeapp. All Goalkeepers in the game is Victor Valdes!

  9. most of those teams have new managers, Liverpool minus Suarez are probably bottom 3 IRL.

    Barca just got beat by Celtic IRL.

    Spurs were turned over by Wigan last week IRL.

    Things like this happen all the time.

  10. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    And these threads get tiresome when they repeatedly question the realism.

    All the time.
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