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    Hey guys, so I decided to fine one of my players a weeks wage, and the resulting conversation basically destroyed our relationship to the point where he wont even talk to me. My question is, will this go away over time? or is there a way i can speed it up?

  2. Just keep playing him (if he's good enough), praise him after good performances etc. Should go away with time. As for fining players, I'd only do it when they get a straight red card..rather than two yellows. But then again, it depends on the attitude of the player as well.

  3. Celtic First Team
    It's Victor Wanyama so it's a necessity that i keep him, but he wants to leave, and chelsea are interested even with the 20mil price tag.

  4. Well my main priority when I take over a club is to get a good atmosphere so when a player falls out with me, I usually sell them as soon as I can (No matter who they are!)

    Don't forget, apart from 6 or 7 players, there are ALWAYS better players out their available to your club!

    As an example; on FM12, after 1 and a bit seasons in my Arsenal save, Sagna did just what Wanyama has done to you after I fined him for getting a red against Man City. So I sold him in January to Juventus for £14m (Less than his value) and got Srna (Debatabley the best RB in FM12) for £13m

  5. Celtic First Team
    It's all sorted now. Made a Storming run in the champions league that ended in me getting knocked out by Barca in the semis. My Assistant Manager actually made it possible for us to talk, and he's ecstatic now. There is only like three players in the game who are better than Wanyama at his role, I looked. So glad to have him stay and be happy

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