Keep Conceding the same way!

  1. Keep Conceding the same way!

    hey guys. I have been playing FM since CM96/97 and have always enjoyed this game. However FM13 seems to be rather buggy. It's annoying at time. I for one can't figure out how Man U in my save which i am managing is finishing outside top 4 even though the squad is strong and i have managed to sort out tactics pretty okay. Anyway point is i dont understand how random this game is. i am winning matches okay and out of the blue i would lose to weaker side at home and this just does not make sense. And most of the time i concede, it's their player playing through ball from outside the area through defenders to the striker on either side and they would score from about 45 degress angle. Anyone else getting this? should i just wait for more patch or any suggestions? kinda losing interest on this now.


  2. spanky123
    your not the only one dont worry every goal i seem to concede is from a long ball in to the box from a stupid angle and the header loops over my keeper rather annoying but if i remember right when it first come out last year every body was conceding goals from corners till a patch fixed it so fingers crossed eh

  3. thanks a lot. i guess before continuing this game i'll wait for the patch. otherwise soon i wont be able to stop myself from breaking the computer haha!

  4. You may want to check if you are defending properly, marking dangerous players and not leaving space; i notice that when i instruct the defence properly everyone (keeper included) is focused and even dangerous attacks lead to nothing.

  5. if through balls are going through your defence easily you could consider playing more narrow.

  6. i will try as suggested. thanks very much.

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