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  1. Strange

    Have been playing my save with Wolves ever since 13 came out, Was getting some pretty poor results at the start, Losing to my reserves and doing very poor in the league.

    Changed the match view from 3d to 2d and all of a sudden i started winning games, now im sitting pretty at the top of the table.

    Do you think that the match engine is so bugged that its unplayable and the 2d is the way forward until bugs are fixed?

    Or was my 10 game unbeaten run just a fluke?


  2. What match view you use has no effect on the match engine. The match engine works exactly the same no matter how you choose to watch your game, it just displays the results of the processing in different ways.
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  3. Actually it has been said by multiple people that changing to 2D helps the match engine a lot and most of the bugs or weird player behavior subsides (defenders and goalies just standing on the ball getting caught etc.) I do like the 3D view but I myself switched to the 2D due to this reason.

  4. or this could be a flaw


  5. I might try this and get back to you....

  6. I dont no how true it atcually is, but i could'nt buy a win before i switched the view, now i cant stop scoring. Might be a flaw, Loosing 3-1 to Northampton in the cup then smashing Swansea, Liverpool, Millwall and West Brom all 3+ goals kind of works in the 2d ME favour, hope this helps with anyone getting frustrated with the 3d ME.

  7. About to give it a go too..! I will not let this random game / ME beat me!!!

  8. Good luck, Hope this works for you all!

  9. Played a friendly with Newcastle against my reserves 2D match view won 4-1 and dominated. Loaded back up and played again with the 3D match view and drew 0-0 in an even game, same tactics and team talks, didn't make any subs in either game. Could be a coincidence but it's worth looking into a bit more.

  10. This is abso-f'ing-lutely true. Turning off 3D view improved my team's performance exponentially.

    From struggling to win against lower teams (and I manage Barcelona, no less) to effortless treble.

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