Useless scouting
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  1. Useless scouting

    Hi guys
    I have a problem with my scouting team. I have about 6 scouts (JPA&JCA 15 and adaptability 12+) and they are totally useless. Wherever I send them, they can't find anybody. They are not providing any reports (they do only when I send them to scout one exact player) If I set new assignment without any conditions - just set the Nation, they do nothing. They tell me after one month that they couldn't find anyone.

  2. i just send my scouts to roam on the off chance they might find somebody good. what i would suggest if youre looking for a particular player for a particular position is that you go on player search and find one that way.

    e.g. if youre looking for a CB then pick attributes tackling, marking, concentration, anticipation, decisions, strength, heading, jumping, positioning, pace etc.
    the more attributes you pick the better balanced the player will be. set the attribute minimum depending on what level you want your player to play at. if it was a top premiership defender then i would put 14/15. then if you had 18 attributes selected then put 15 out of 18 and search and you should come up with a decent player. keep tweaking the lowest attribute and amount of matching attributes to find the perfect candidates. scouts are shit, be your own scout.

  3. Im not a newbie in this game, but thank you for your advice anyway. I used my scouts for exploring different leagues/regions to discover new players etc. in last years. I would expect that with Staff responsibilities function I would not be bothered with that uncomfortable style you are suggesting

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  5. Mate I've just been saying the same thing.

    I scouted England the day after the regen's were generated. I did this myself looking through all the top teams under 18's squad. sort by age and just going through every player that's been generated that season. I found a couple of 5 star potentials and a good ten or more 4 and a half star potentials.

    I then sent my English scout to scout England for players 17 years or younger and with a potential of 3 and a half stars or more. Just to check if I missed any decent players out.

    He found 4 players in total. Two 3 and a half star potential and 2 4 star potentials.

    Absolutely useless. With a capital U. Useless.

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  7. Found the same problem, especially when scouting other continents to the one I'm based in. Sometimes get no results whatsoever despite having good scouts.

  8. Same here, I even have a scout with 20 on both adaptibility, JPA and JCA and still he can't find shit. Until SI fix this problem I won't hire any more scouts. I'll do the job myself, and just use them to get scout reports on specific players instead.

    It's really annoying though, I already spend way too much time not playing matches and just fiddling around with different things like searching for players, going through U18/U19/U20 of national teams and big profile teams in hope of finding wonderkids. I gotta admit, finding potential star players is my favorite part of FM, but having to do ALL the work without any help from the scouts is really time consuming. I've played 55hrs so far and I'm only in february 2013 lol

  9. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Asking for help or telling?

  10. In my case, just telling

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