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    I have just bought the son generated unlockable,I was just wondering I have bought it half way through my current save, when a player retires after 10 years of service in my current save will it work or do I need to start a new save????
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  2. Also do you need to be connected to the Internet for all steam unlocks to work?

  3. I think you can only use the unlockables in classic mode, which kinda sucks, but to use it you go onto the drop down menu where save load etc is and at the bottom it should say store, go into that and in your wallet will be any of the things you bought and you can add them into your game from there.
    Its the only mode i know of that it works in, and just a warning, the son it generates sucks, might have just been mine but he sucks.
    I dont know about needing the internet tho, but id imagine you would need the internet to use the unlockables but after that they should be like saved into your game, whether its online or offline

  4. Does the son appear right away? or with the next group of young players? bought mine just now and clicked add into gamed but nothing happened. maybe cuz i'm not playing classic mode?

  5. I've only been able to use it in classic mode, but when you do use it in classic a new email pops up saying something like new youth player and then they'll be in your u18's squad

  6. That's a bit annoying I wouldn't of bothered if I knew that

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