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  1. Help

    My team have completely lost the plot and I can't win a game...

    Went on an 11 game win streak In the league (league 1), since then I've only won 2 of 14, It's not like my morale Is bad, we have just forgotten how to score and defend, It's a joke

    I'm somehow still top, but has anyone seriously got any advice ?!!!!!!!

  2. FM13 in a nutshell
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  3. My team have done the same in league 2, I find that the occasional loan signing helps. Rotating is also key along with match prep

  4. Change the tactic a bit, clearly the opposition has figured out how to play against it.

  5. So I'm going to have to change my tactics around every 4 or 5 months?!!?

    Edit - I have 2 completely different tactics for home and away matches anyway?
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  6. Is anyone having a problem right now with the game?? I played for f****** 3 hours and then game just crashed because of "Steam server is too busy". AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH

  7. no jake not had that problem.

    Melq is right, they know how you play. I have 2 tactics home and away also but in pre match I change bits they don't know what to expect

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