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Solidarity contribution

  1. Solidarity contribution

    Hello all,

    I'm playing as my favourite club Beerschot AC, and Wanyama gets transferred from Celtic to Benfica for 10 250 000 euro. It says I receive 2% of the transfer fee as a solidarity contribution (= 205 000 euro), but instead I only get ~38k. My question is: how does 2% of € 10 250 000 make € 38 220? Or is there something I'm missing?


    Solidarity contribution-solidarity-fee.png

    PS: I'm sorry if this has already been asked. I used the search and it didn't find anything.

  2. Just a guess but maybe the 10,250,000 is being paid over a period of months so the solidarity fee is being paid like that as well.
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  3. or possibly you only get 2% of the profit but to be fair thats probably still more than 38k

  4. @Nik Aitken: I don't think so, because then it should appear under the "clauses" tab, shouldn't it?

    @CDXtreme: Yeah, it's way more. Celtic bought Wanyama for €1 000 000.

  5. maybe that 38k is the amount the board will allow you to have?

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