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Tycoon Takeovers
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  1. Tycoon Takeovers

    Haven't seen any FM 2013 Tycoon Takeover thread yet.

    I'll get the ball rolling with an Arsenal takeover! Unexpected to say the least.

    Tycoon Takeovers-2012-11-12_00003.jpg
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  2. any tycoon takeovers yet guys ?

  3. Tycoon Takeovers-newcastle_-transfers-history.pngTycoon Takeovers-newcastle_-transfers-history-2.pngi got taken over on my newcastle save in december of the 3rd season won premier the 4th season

  4. jealous of that! Wish someone would take over in my West Brom save!

  5. Wait...this has NEVER happened to me. If you get a tycoon takeover, how much of a transfer budget do you get each year on average? From those pictures, it looks like about 120 million...

  6. My friend had a Man United takeover and got 600 Million to spend...WTF
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  7. I've never got a takeover either, I wish somebody would take one of my clubs over! You can of course add Sugar Daddies in the Editor but that doesn't seem fun to me. Wasn't there an option when starting a game in FM2012 that could increase your chances of a takeover, or something like that? Is there such an option in FM2013?

  8. when he took over in december got £81 mill still had some of them transfers on 48months got £100 mill start of 4th season just got £90 start of 5th season

  9. MagicalMistakes
    Man City Trainee
    Quote Originally Posted by BENNOAFC View Post
    jealous of that! Wish someone would take over in my West Brom save!
    I don't think you want anyone taking over West Brom.. My mate got a take over and it all went downhill fro there.. Financial problems, having to sell his best players, no transfer money etc.

  10. I have around 200mil to spend on my Wolves save w/o any tycoon takeovers.

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