Help?? update?? arrrr!!!!

  1. Help?? update?? arrrr!!!!

    Have tried 3 new saves with 3 different sides in 3 different leagues,,,,,

    getting fed up of how difficult this years game is, for instance -

    As Chelsea using 3/4 tactics, even trying some well known formations posted on fm base and still no luck

    Ok no one wants a walkover game, but a full chelsea side drawing with wycombe?? As for the amount of shots not going in and the opposition sneaking 1 I can work with that but when you invest hours in prep for the new season only 2 get fed up after 8-10 results!!

    Ok lots of new things this yeear but I cpuld have tested the game for 2-3 days and could have told SI there was a problem.

    Anyway, anyone know when the next patch update is due and what they hope 2 help us out with??


  2. Some time within the month.

  3. You've got to change your tactics for each opposition, I think that was intentional by SI so I don't think it'll be patched

  4. Be sure that your tactic familiaritys have reached fluid before givin up mate.
    You never may have a great tactic!

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