npower League 1 youth

  1. npower League 1 youth

    What is the best League 1 team for youth prospects? alternatively who is the best/most promising young player in League 1?

  2. gogogo golem
    Liverpool and Macclesfield Follows: Leicester City Modern Day Legend
    Crewe have the best youth in League 1.

  3. Crewe or Sheffield United

  4. Crewe, that's what I thought just waiting for data base to load then that's who I will be i think

    I did have a look at Sheff Utd but they seem to have Harry Maguire and that's pretty much it for any talent? plus the 33M debt doesn't look to great.

    Crewe & Sheff Utd both have top training facilities which suprised me! so I will be starting my career with Crewe, thanks for the feedback

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